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5 Spot For Where To Surf in Bali

5 Spot For “Where To Surf in Bali”

Bali is one of the surfing destinations in Indonesia. Its various beach option fulfills travelers’ need in a different way and for those who desire to conquer aggressive and extreme beach waves, this island definitely should be included in your travel destination list. Each different...

5 Best High Tea in Bali

5 Best High Tea in Bali

When you visit Bali you will never picture High Tea in Bali as one of the activity you'll be doing here, everybody always talks about those tropical drinks by the beach and party, some others will talk about their eat-pray-love kind of holistic experience, but...

5 All You can eats packages in Bali

5 All You Can Eat Packages in Bali

In general, Bali already is a home to many delicious cheap foods, but for you who loves big portion an All You Can Eat Packages in Bali is the best choice, don't worry Bali also hosted many, many places to satisfy your appetite, an All-You-Can-Eat...

5 Best Places for Pre Wedding in Bali

5 Best Places for Pre-Wedding in Bali

Bali is a rich tropical island. It is a beautiful home to dazzling waterfalls, mountainous land, virgin beaches and many other beautiful destinations that will amaze everyone’s mind. Being rich for its natural beauty, it is no wonder that Bali has made itself included in...

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