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Everlasting Authentic Balinese Taste Since The 60’s: Made’s Warung

What is your perfect idea of lunch or dinner in the island of Gods? If you are up to something traditionally made by local people hugged with Indonesian cultural events such as Balinese traditional dances, Made’s Warung is an excellent choice for you and your loved ones during your stay in Bali.

Situated perfectly in the main tourist area of Seminyak, Made’s Warung is a perfect idea of a friendly dine-in place. The busy street of Seminyak can be very overwhelming and this restaurant feels like a home, where the moment you step in, there is no more noise from the street, you already feel safe, for this traditional interior establishment was designed perfectly to protect you from the hustle outside. Just find a huge banner of alligator tries eating its own tongue on the main street of Seminyak, then you know you have found Made’s Warung.

Why alligator? Many people wondered the same question over the years. Made Raymond, the owner of Made’s Warung, explain that alligators symbolized a greedy desire to eat whatever they see in front of them, and this philosophy of his grandparents has a hope that everyone who comes to Made’s Warung will enjoy their meal and still crave for more.

Established in 1969, Made’s Warung started as a very simple warung that serves traditional food of Bali to the surfers or just simply any tourists who spent time in Kuta beach. As this restaurant developed year by year, they are starting to open other branches in other areas of Bali. Its first restaurant is in Pantai Kuta street. Made’s Warung Kuta is an ideal choice if you want to spend lunch or dinner times with the view of Kuta Street.

The one in Seminyak, which was established in 1995, is the biggest branch of Made’s Warung. The concept of this establishment is not just a restaurant but a place that completes your needs starting from eating, shopping to relaxing your body at a spa for they have many various outlets available at the place. You can come inside and decide not to go anywhere else as they will pamper you with all the small things you need to get through the day in Bali.

Made’s Warung Seminyak is an ultimate one-stop shopping place for it has Made Manis Gelato, which is perfect for your little ones, Luca’s Pizza, owned by Luca himself, a pizza maker from Italy, Kaina Spa for whenever you feel tired and need a break from the world, and many more other outlets that will seduce you to stay longer and keep coming back to this restaurant.

Talking about a restaurant will not be perfect without peeking inside the menu. The food in this restaurant is just another marvelous story. Having an original recipe since 1969, Made’s Warung serves mostly Indonesian traditional food, which has been known as their specialty. “That’s what we are aiming for people to come here. For first-timers, they should try our Indonesian or Balinese because we already collaborated so it’s not too spicy or not too hot for them” claimed Made Raymond.

Their recommended menu that has been enjoyed by everybody since the 60s is Nasi Goreng Ala Made. For locals who eat here must feel like eating a homemade Nasi Goreng as the richness of ingredients and the making is simply to fulfill your desire with a lovely local meal. The Nasi Campur is also a wonderful representation of an Indonesian taste.

What is Bali without its famous Babi Guling? Being known among all the tourists, both local and international, Babi Guling seems to be the must-eat-food when you are in Bali. No matter whether you are a first timer of a repeating traveler in Bali for this meal will definitely complete your search for a good meal in Bali and a memory to tell to your hometown. Babi Guling in Made’s Warung has original recipe from the 60s by Made Raymond’s grandmother so this restaurant is the best choice for you to taste the authentic cooking of Balinese people.

In order to conserve Bali culture, Made’s Warung has Balinese Traditional Dances performed at the main stage in Seminyak branch during the week. They believe that in order to keep the culture familiar to the current age, they need to contribute to introducing the culture to the world. As Bali is the home to international traveler, Made’s Warung, as one of the very first restaurants established on Bali island, devotes to keep on introducing and maintaining the originality of Balinese culture, both in food and entertainment. Make sure to include eat-at-Made’s-Warung on your things-to-do list during your stay in Bali. This restaurant has branches in Kuta, Seminyak, Ngurah Rai Airport and another happy news is for those tourists from the Netherlands, you can taste the authentic Made’s Warung cooking in Amsterdam too.

By : Lulu Nadeba

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