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Cruise & Rafting Tours

These Bali cruise and rafting tours are ideal choices for those looking for a fun and exciting day out in Bali. Experiences range from rushing down Bali’s famous white water rapids on inflatable rafts which you can experience year round and in all seasons, to luxury rides around the southern coast with buffet dinners and entertainment at sunset. Some cruises take you to Bali’s neighbouring Nusa islands for something different and truly memorable.

Plan a full day ahead in Bali with select packages that let you enjoy both pleasure cruises and the various marine activities that await at specially designed offshore pontoons and anchorages. There are no better ways to experience a tropical island getaway than these. Some snorkelling and diving, and even cultural and village tours onshore are side options. Whichever thrill level you choose, you’ll have a voyage of a lifetime in Bali.

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