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Trekking & Cycling Tours

Trekking and cycling tours in Bali allow you to enjoy Bali’s rural countryside from a different perspective, and at your own pace. Favourite hikes include capturing the first rays of light from the peak of Bali’s mountains, while downhill cycling options pass through rustic local neighbourhoods where you can pause anytime to see age-old village temples, or witness village life and greet friendly local farmers tending to their rice fields.

Besides popular trekking and cycling tours in Bali, here you can also opt for horseback riding along the exotic black sand coast of Saba on the island’s eastern shores, or an exciting ride through the forested countryside of central Bali – on the back of gentle giants! Other private tours take you on a bit of a spiritual journey, with stops that include some of the island’s most mysterious ancient temples where you can also capture some picture postcard moments.

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