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Best Bali Yoga & Pilates Activities

The best yoga retreats in Bali live up to an increasingly popular trend. They promote healthy living and wellbeing. Bali is often considered a ‘wellbeing destination’. It attracts people from the world over for its exotic locations and calming natural settings. The island also offers an abundance of traditional spas and holistic centres. The central highland destination of Ubud is usually considered a Bali yoga hub in its own way. However, you can also find some of the best retreats elsewhere on the island. Bali has a growing yoga community.

It even sparked its own annual festival. Bali yoga gatherings attract yogis, yoginis and spirituality seekers from around the globe. Also often featured are dancers and musicians, with concerts and side events. As it promotes positive living and a healthy mind and body, anyone can pick up yoga. Start off with these selections of the best yoga retreats on the island. All allow you to combine leisure travel with healthy living.

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