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Spa’s and Healthy Eats in Bali

As a whole, Bali is experiencing a revolution in organic growing. Local farmers are increasingly aware of the impact and costs of using harmful chemicals and are choosing to return to their traditional roots and farming techniques. This means that while you’re exploring Bali, you will have loads of exotic and healing fruits and vegetables available for incredibly affordable prices.

As the Balinese farmers prepare the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, many restaurants integrate the Balinese ceremonial approach to food and life. While preparing the food, the Balinese pray and bless the food in a loving, devotional offering, an integral part of Balinese Hinduism. This really takes the level of foodgasms to an entirely new level and you will find your body savoring every bite of the love infused meals presented to you, never wanting it to end! Ubud is most travelers’ favorite place to go and experience the food revolution taking place in Bali, also known as the ‘culinary capital of Bali’, and you can check out a list of the top Ubud healthy restaurants here.

However, there are many more beautiful, authentic cafes all over the island where you can find delicious, organic food to help you maintain your clean and healthy eating habits during your stay. Here are our favourite spots for healthy eating in Bali.

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