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Good to Know before you Arrive! We will shed some light on what expects you right after landing at the airport, the process of moving through immigration and customs, the easiest way to grab a taxi or transport and get to your hotel or villa. If you want to avoid time consuming or nerve wrecking surprises, read on.

Need to know about visa? Go to: Visa for Indonesia.

Location of Bali Airport, DPS

The airport is located in the south of Bali and very near to most of Bali’s main tourist areas. The international and domestic terminals are next to each other.

  • North of the airport: Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Kerobokan, Umalas, Canggu, Tanah Lot.
  • South of the airport: Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Pecatu, Uluwatu, Ungasan.

Arriving at Bali Airport International

Once you landed at the international terminal, this is how you get through the airport :

  • It’s not a bad idea to move reasonably quick towards the arrival hall and maybe go to toilet after the immigration check. This will avoid you being last in the queue – which can be quite long
  • Keep your passports ready (6 months valid, enough space for the sticker)
  • Fill in Tax Card ready (stewardess will give them to you or pick one up in the arrival hall)
  • If you do not need VoA or if you have already obtained a visa abroad you can queue directly at the immigration counters
  • Pay for Visa on Arrival (VoA) counter and pay US$35 (visa regulations)
  • At Immigration counters line up according to the appropriate signs (Internat. passports, Indonesian etc). It is always advisable to stay calm and polite. Service improved in 2015 and waiting time has decreased significantly.
  • No more Fast Track Service available! The Head of the Bali Regional Office of the ministry of “Justice and Human Rights”, I Gusti Kompiang Adnyana, made a strong statement end of Nov 2014, that there will be no more immigration officers who will take extra money (bribery) to help foreigners jump the queue.
  • When you have passed through immigration go towards the conveyor belt (check the number on TV screens according to your flight number
  • Grab a trolley and collect your luggage. There are porters around that can assist you. They will get your luggage, escort you to your car, taxi or pick up service and help you load the vehicle
  • Go through customs towards the exit sign and give them the tax card. You will only need ONE for PER family. Make sure you do not bring more then IDR 100,000,000 (ca. 7500 US$) and of course…no drugs. You could end up enjoying an all-inclusive holiday in Bali’s Kerobokan prison for a very long time
  • You will have to put all your luggage and hand luggage through a scanner
  • If the officers don’t pick you for a luggage check you can exit the airport
  • There are official money changers (rates are OK) just when you get out, and an ATM machine. You might need some Indonesian Rupiahs to pay the taxi. Best to get it right here
  • You will see MANY drivers and hotel staff holding up name signs as they wait and page for the guests who booked a airport pick-up to be dropped to numerous hotels and villas.
  • If you have arranged a pick up and you can’t find your name, don’t give up. The driver might just be sitting on the floor checking his sms or playing a game
  • If you have not yet arranged a pick-up, no problems, walk towards the TAXI SERVICE counter

Airport Taxis on Bali

Official Airport Taxis at Bali Airport DPS work with a fixed price list and the price depends on the area you want to go to. You can find the counter after you have left the building and exited through the duty free area just outside. These days, there are many complaints about the drivers and the cars of this “official airport service”. Tell the guy at the desk your destination or hotel name, then he will tell you the price and give you a ticket number. Arguing the price they quote is of no use, if you feel that the price is too expensive or if you think your hotel is not in Seminyak, but in Legian. You pay the driver at the end of the trip

You need to pay CASH to the driver AFTER he dropped you. So if you plan to get a taxi, remember to change some money at the money changer just behind you or pull some money at the ATM. Tipping is common but not a must. Unless you have booked your pick-up an airport transfer beforehand there is no easy alternative. You CAN NOT get a metered taxi at the airport. It’s quite an unpleasant experience at times to arrive without an organised transfer service. You will get asked by many illegal drivers that lure around the area, if you want their service.

A short note on Taxis on Bali

Getting around by taxi is cheap on Bali, however you need to know a few rules.

  • Starting Fee is IDR 7,000
  • You should insist that the taxi driver switches on the meter at the beginning of the ride
  • Some of the drivers “tend to forget” which could lead to possible negotiations that can be avoided from the start
  • Bluebird Taxi Drivers follow strict company regulations and switch on the meter immediately without you asking. With other companies you might have to insist or remind them.
  • Some drivers categorically refuse to switch on the meter, particularly in the middle of the night in Kuta or when you want to be dropped in a remote area. Here you need to use your best bargaining and negotiation skills. Avoid settling for the first asking price.
  • In some areas such as in Ubud or Tanah Lot the local community manages the taxi services, “private cars” without meters. Other taxi companies are not allowed to operate and pick up guests on the street. But you can be dropped there, so getting to these areas is no problem. You need to fix a price with the driver AFTER BARGAINING. Prices depend on distance and time of the day.
  • Taxis dropping you in one of these areas can not pick up guests after dropping you (Ubud or Tanah Lot) so they might ask for a higher price to take you there, because the return trip will not bring them any money.

Airport Tax, Passenger Service Charge (PSC)

Until Feb. 9th 2015 In Indonesia and therefore also at Bali Airport DPS Ngurah Rai, the airport operator Angkasa Pura charged every passenger departing the famous Passenger Service Charge, also called AIRPORT TAX (or Departure Tax). Every passenger had to pay, Indonesian citizens and tourists!

Effective Feb 9th 2015 all airlines will include the passenger service charge (PSC) in the ticket price. This was long overdue and finally saves us from lining up in front of another counter.

If you have purchased your ticket before that date but are leaving Indonesia after that date you might be asked from the airline to pay this fee online. Otherwise the PSC payment counters are still there at the airport. So one way or the other, you will be reminded to pay. The fee for international flight is Rp. 200.000.

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