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5 Best Places for Pre Wedding in Bali

5 Best Places for Pre-Wedding in Bali

Bali is a rich tropical island. It is a beautiful home to dazzling waterfalls, mountainous land, virgin beaches and many other beautiful destinations that will amaze everyone’s mind. Being rich for its natural beauty, it is no wonder that Bali has made itself included in pre-wedding list of many couples around the world. Gorgeous and majestic pre-wedding pictures will be created with the effort of the chemistry from the loving couples, talented photographers and also the fascinating location itself. Having pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali gives you a chance to make a history as a couple with a fairytale experience. Here is our ideal choice for you to capture your lovely 5 best place prewedding in Bali memories at Bali’s hidden gem.

1. Marigold Field

This location has been a hidden gem in Bali for so long. Not many people know that on a hot sunny island like Bali, there is a flower-full land hiding to be found. Located in the highlands at Belok village. It is a one hour drive from Bedugul to Kintamani. This field is far from the crowded Seminyak/Kuta, where the airport is. It is situated in the quote area of the Northern side of Bali island. This field is managed by the local farmers and usually used by them for Balinese offering. You can find this Balinese offering on every street-side in the island where you can see that there are fresh flowers inside. There no entry fee to get into the field as it is not very well-known as a destination but you can always give some sum for the local farmers around the field as a gesture of appreciation. This Marigold is a perfect location for capturing your special moments with your soon to be long-life partner.

2. Tamblingan Lake

Still around Bedugul area only shifting from flowery decorated landscape to a dramatic pond situation with Pura Gubug as the main establishment. Tamblingan Lake is quite famous around Bali traveler as one of a must destination to visit in the island. Sits magically in the northern side of Lesung Mountain, this location was created by volcanoes that caused the area to collapsed. If you visit this place, you can find an abandoned temple and dry trees as a mystic touch. If you feel like having a mysterious impression on you pre-wedding photos, Tamblingan Lake is the best choice for you. This lake can give different sensation according to the weather circumstances when you visit so make sure to bring suitable props for the best captures at this place.

3. Mangrove Forest

Only 15 minutes away from Kuta area, Mangrove Forest is an excellent destination for pre-wedding photoshoot if you and your partner do not feel like taking a long drive up to the northern side of Bali island. It is perfectly located on bypass road, so no worry about transportation as any kind of vehicle can absolutely take you there. This Mangrove Forest helps couples to deliver a forest-castle feeling like Romeo and Juliette during the Renaissance era of the 14th or 15th centuries. Bring your best fluffy tutu dress for the best pictures to match the accent of the forest.

4. Mount Batur

If you feel like having a sunrise sensation with mountainous highlands in the background of your pre-wedding pictures, Mount Batur is the answer to all your desire. Just about 2 hours drive from the airport, you can find this magnificent heaven on earth. Its massive land of cliffs provides you a full experience of an ultimate traveling couple pictures in Bali. In order to catch the sunrise, you need to reach this spot by 5.30 Indonesian time. Make sure to have all the equipment prepared as this will be a full hiking experience for both couple and crews, so there is no walking back down if you forgot something.

5. Balangan Beach & Clifftop

Not only being famous for a surfing location, but this beach has also witnessed countless couples that were about to tie the knot. Balangan Beach & Clifftop is positioned in the Uluwatu area which is only 40 minutes away from Kuta, the heart of Bali tourism. If you decide to have this beach as the setting of your lovely pre-wedding photoshoot, make sure to shoot at both beach area and the clifftop for its outstanding view of the beach from above. Having pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali requires you to not only consider the hidden spot but also to have beaches as the background of your romantic pictures, which require you to consider Balangan beach & clifftop as your best option.


By : Lulu Nadeba

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