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5 Spot For Where To Surf in Bali

5 Spot For “Where To Surf in Bali”

Bali is one of the surfing destinations in Indonesia. Its various beach option fulfills travelers’ need in a different way and for those who desire to conquer aggressive and extreme beach waves, this island definitely should be included in your travel destination list. Each different side of Bali island can give different sensation and experience for the surfers for it has different current, waves, and weather for your considerations. And for that matter, being a first-timer or just simply repeating travelers in this island, deciding where to surf in Bali can be bewildering so here we are narrowing you down to the best 5 beaches where to surf in Bali.

1. Canggu Beach

Canggu beach is perfect for a professional surfer or even a newbie. The beach waves can be friendly or attacking, in a good way definitely, according to the time when you visit this beach. If you are not prepared for the equipment to surf, don’t worry for there are many options by the beach where you can rent and they also offer Surf Training for a newbie. Aside from its perfect waves for surfing, Canggu beach offers you wide selection of places to chill after a long hot exciting day of surfing with your mates.

2. Padang Padang Beach

Being the host of an annual event, Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang, has been proved that this beach is one of the best international surfing spot available in Bali coast. Located in the south of Bali island, Padang Padang beach has been one of the most visited beaches by international surfers that are currently traveling in Bali island. There are a few stairs that you need to walk down once you reach the gate and pay the entry admission. Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, you’ll be amazed by the hidden greenish coast behind the monkey-forest-style entry of this surfing spot.

3. Balangan Beach

If you are up to high waves beach, Balangan beach, which is locally referred to as Pantai Balangan, is the one for you. Most of the travelers who come to this beach are surfers as this beach is famous for being a surfing playground. You can start noticing by seeing the number of surfing equipment rental available by the beach. Non-surfers can simply enjoy the sunshine by laying down by the seaside for the waves is kind of dangerous for you to try to swim if you are not a professional, but if you wanted some good memorable picture, snap away!

4.Green bowl Beach

Green bowl beach is probably one of the challenging spots to go to in Bali. Why is that so? It is located in Uluwatu, and in order to find the beach, which is the spot for surfing, you are gonna have to park your vehicles on the parking lot and walk down the stairs. They are not just some stairs that you are going to walk down, but there are many stairs down to the beach as the beach is located down the cliff. Make sure to come prepared if you are planning on spending a day at Green bowl beaches it will be a lot of work to go up and down the stairs to take something.

5. Impossible Beach

Another heaven for surfers located in Uluwatu, Impossible beach, as the name already a conquest for you to crush. As the name itself, this beach used to be impossible to reach, there were many obstacles to go behind the cliff to reach the beach at the bottom side but now it has developed and the way to the beach has been fixed and prepared. This beach is perfect for a professional surfer who craves for large and high waves. This beach gives a different challenge every day for that waves-walker.


By : Lulu Nadeba

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