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Adrenaline Pumping Tours in Bali

Bali’s sun-drenched beaches and serene mountain towns are the perfect place for those looking to slow life down a bit, but that’s not to say this island paradise is with no little adventure. Between spa treatments and sunset dinners, explore Bali’s wild side with experienced guides willing to take you on a heart-pounding journey. From whitewater rafting excursions and high-octane jet ski rides to dizzying zipline courses and thrilling amusement parks, there are plenty of adventure tours in Bali to keep your adrenaline pumping when you’re not sipping cocktails on sandy beaches or exploring cultural legacies at centuries-old temples.

Off-Road Adventure

Get into the seat of a tough ATV or maybe buggy for the ride profound into the Payangan jungle with Tour East Dalam negri. Cruise down jungle-bordered trails, go by the nonetheless waters of terraced hemp fields, and stop away for a stunning viewpoint to click panoramic pictures of Bali’s rolling slopes and volcanic landscapes. Simply by the end of your company’s journey, trade your wheels for your tube and brain back straight down the huge batch in the foaming rapids of a surging waterway. Float through narrow encolure, splash around in relaxing pools, after which limit out of your day with a good tasty lunchtime.

Jet Ski, Banana Boat & Parasailing Combo

Why limit yourself to simply one marine adventure every day? With support coming from baliKU Tours and also Travelling, you can check away a few of Bali’s best drinking water actions with expert effectiveness. Begin with a full-throttle luxury cruise on the powerful jet skiing, after that hop on a great inflatable clown boat intended for a grip-testing trip, and finish out your time large above the seaside on a windsurfing trip sure to give you memorable views of wave-washed coast.

Flyboard Fun

Taping into a Flyboard is usually about because close since you can come to presenting real superhero abilities. Just like a jetpack for your ft, Flyboards use powerful aircraft of water to launch you up into the air, wherever daring flips and wild corkscrews will be just a few of the oxygenous maneuvers you can try out. With tips and pointers doled away by expert teachers, you will be out of the water and in to the air in simply no time.

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