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Tips For Your Bali Packing

Bali Packing can be pretty easy! Although, it definitely helps if you have been before, so these Bali packing tips will be paticuarly helpful for travellers making their way to Bali for the first time.

Think Bali. Think Hot.

Thanks to Bali’s beautiful tropical climate, Bali is warm all year round. You will not need to take up valuable space in your suitcase with jumpers and coats! Nope, all you need here is light clothing (mostly casual and then something a little more dressy for nice dinners/bars), shoes for what you want to do there (i.e. joggers for long walks/hikes, cycling, thongs for beach etc.) and swimmers (two pairs as you will probably be wearing them every day and they may not dry out in between). For temples, you do need to cover up, but this can usually be achieved by a sarong if you don’t have long pants/shirts.

Pack essentials but pack light.

Other things you need are travel documents, medications, and a camera! Most other things you can get there, like toiletries, electric adaptors, etc. But I do prefer to pack them so I don’t need to do a shop (for essentials – just clarifying) when I get there. We aim to pack the least of everything we may need. And it really is so freeing to pack light! When we went to Lombok and Gili islands for 1 week, we only took our carry-on backpack. Not only was it easy and stress-free, but we didn’t even use half the things we had in our backpacks…just goes to show what you can get away with packing! Keep reading for some handy Bali packing tips.

International Flight Packing Guidelines

Depending on where you start your journey, particular countries and airlines have restrictions and guidelines on what you can pack, and what you can take onboard.

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