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Top Spiritual Tours in Bali

Bali’s spiritual side is practically extremely hard to miss. Puffs of incense rise via tiny offerings of blooms facing homes and small business morning hours and night, centuries-old temples or wats are found scattered during city environments and gorgeous normal settings, and ethnical get-togethers are almost always imbued with Indio practices. Plunge into that Indonesian paradise’s spiritual aspect during your company’s stay for a traditional serving of Balinese living.

Private Balinese Blessing & Batuan Temple Half-Day Tour

Artwork, astrology, and religion incorporate on this immersive travel towards the villages of Un poco mas and Batuan. With a great experienced guidebook from EXO Travel to business lead you, visit with an Indio priest for an unique benefit, and then consider a peek into the upcoming with an astrologer. Appreciate the ornate new includes of a temple with Batuan, and browse regional handicrafts while you discussion with the talented performers.

Discover the Spirit of Bali Private Tour

Walk anywhere in Bali and you’ll likely see evidence of canang sari, the name keen on daily offerings dedicated to the supreme god of Indonesian Hinduism. These tiny baskets crafted from palm leaves are usually filled with red, white, blue, and yellow flowers and paired with aromatic incense when placed outside domiciles and temples. On this excursion, learn the meaning behind each component of canang sari with a local priest. Create your own offering, participate in a brief prayer, and learn how to open your chakra to promote spiritual healing. End with a coconut water purification ritual and then head to a nearby restaurant to recharge with some tasty Indonesian fare.

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